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Sonam chadha

Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling

I would like to share my experience about Nishat Mam. She is really approachable and understanding. I contacted her for diet counseling for weight loss. She curated my diet plans as per my body and my needs. I could get in touch with her whenever i wanted and she was always there to help me with any doubts. Her diet plan helped me to lose a considerable amount of weight. If you follow her plan religiously, you will surely get good results. I definitely recommend her to everyone who would like to lose weight with diet.

Arzoo Khan

Visited For Weight Loss Diet Counseling

I have been following her diet barely since last ten days and I can tell for sure that it’s worth it as I have already lost three kgs!! In just last few days I have not only shed some weight but also feel fitter and more active . It’s a pleasure writing about her work. always concerned and available for the guidance. Well, the journey has just begun for me. Looking forward to attaining more progress in my health with her advice. I would like to recommend her to all those who are looking for a good and healthy weight loss management. Wishing her best of luck to keep up the good work


Visited For Weight Loss Treatment

She is amazing. I was trying hard to reduce my weight after my pregnancy but couldn't get the satisfactory results so I was getting demotivated but Dr. Nishat's diet plan brought a huge change in me within the period of one month only. I lost 5 kgs in one month and looking forward to follow her diet plans till I reach my goal. I am so grateful to her for her support and timely suggestions.

Mohd Bilal

Visited For Weight Loss TreatmentHigh Protein Diets

Dr. Nishat is just amazing and is very much expert in writing diet plans ... She is very soft natured . I consulted her for weight loss and I appreciate her as I lost 4 kgs in a month with out feeling hungry ... Earlier I use to think that diet means to eat boiled vegetables but after getting her consultation comes to know that diet could also be interesting and tasty ...looking forward for more positive results... Would definitely highly recommend to everyone.

Sushri sucharita panda

Visited For Diet Therapy Nutritional education

I Will surely recommend You all bcs Dr. Nishat is very friendly.. Her diet really worked for me.. I lost 5kgs till now.. By following her regular diet. U can call her anytime she suggests after consultation.. And yes The diet contains tasty foods also.. 😊

Rashida Ashfaq

Visited For Weight Loss Treatment

I'm very much satisfied with dr. Nishat ashfaq... as she listens my health issues very well and gave me the proper diet plans with proper feedbacks on call... i luv the plan it doesn't starve at all.. will surely recommend her to everyone.

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